An expedited Dun & Bradstreet D-U-N-S® Number and basic business credit file can help you:
Start documenting your business credit in your D&B® credit file in just 5 days
Demonstrate your company’s financial stability to creditors and suppliers
Join D&B’s business network, searched over 58 million
times a year
Capitalize on potential contracts that require
a D-U-N-S Number

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Additional Benefits

  • Get an expedited D-U-N-S Number in 5 business days or less*
  • Establish a basic D&B business credit file

*Process could otherwise take up to 30 days.

Don’t know if you have a D-U-N-S Number?
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Need More?

You may be missing out on the chance to promote your business online. Choose Small Business Starter™ to get an expedited D-U-N-S Number* AND increase your online presence with a listing on D&B Credibility Review™ business directory.

Promote your business with a business description, logo, custom video, and photos
Enhance your rank on major search engines for keywords you select
Keep customers in the know with optional Twitter™, LinkedIn™, and Yelp™ feeds
Other ways to get a D-U-N-S Number:

Get a free D-U-N-S Number. If your company is located outside of the U.S., please contact your respective D&B International Office. Are you a business required to register with the U.S. Federal government for contracts or grants? Visit D&B’s government D-U-N-S Number site to get your FREE D-U-N-S Number.In many cases, the cost of these products may be tax deductible for purposes of Federal and/or State income tax. Check with your tax advisors.